Vacancy: Farm manager – Unique Chance

Unique chance in Ireland, a farm manager job on a dairy farm with robots! We don’t see such a nice function every day.

This beautiful dairy farm milks 125 cows and is located in east Cork.
A wonderful opportunity if you are experienced and looking for a way a life with running a dairy farm.


  • Salary: € 40.000 gross on annual basis including free accommodation on the farm
  • Working hours: 48 hours in a week
  • Location: east Co. Cork
  • Starting in consultation

The vacancy

What are we looking for?

This dairy farm has 125 dairy cows, milking robots and a feeding robot. Your working day on this farm is therefore different from most Irish dairy farms. Milking and feeding are done by the robots, but you are the driving force behind it and ensure that everything keeps running.

The emphasis in this position is on working with these technologies and grass management. This dairy farmer works with the ABC grazing system.

In addition, you will work with machines to prepare everything for the feeding robot, so you are handy with this.
This farm has divided the calvings into spring and autumn calvings. Not a large stressful peak, but well distributed over spring and autumn. And that works so well!

You work alone most of the time, and you can call on the owner if you have any questions. On your days off (because yes, you do have them) the owner takes over the tasks.

The most important thing for this position is that you have several years of all-round experience on a dairy farm and that you are handy. You are handy with technologies and computer systems and can keep the robots running without any difficulty. You are also technical; you can do small repairs or replace simple parts yourself. And you also need to have a valid driver’s license.

The work

What are you going to do?

You are responsible for the daily running of the farm, a part of your work activities are:

  • keep the robots running and doing small maintenance
  • herd management
  • grass management

The employment conditions

We offer this

This is what we offer you in terms of employment conditions:

  • Salary depends on knowledge and experience. A guideline is € 40.000 gross on annual basis
  • Accommodation included on the farm, and you don’t pay any BIK over it
  • Work independently and managing your own work
  • growth in your position, for example managing the administration
  • A job for a very long time, who knows until you retire


About this farm

You can find the farm in East Cork, Co. Cork.
125 Cows and young stock are kept on this dairy farm

The location

Photos of the place where you are staying

Are you interested?

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