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Looking for a recruiter with experience in Irish dairy farming?

Searching for the right staff can be challenging, especially in a specialised sector like dairy farming. Are you looking for temporary or permanent staff? As a recruiter, I mediate between your company and potential candidates for positions that are available.

I have been active as a recruiter in the Netherlands for many years (15+ years) before I took the step to emigrate to Ireland with my family.
I think you can call us a ‘dairy farm family’; my husband has been among the cows since he was young. Before we moved to Ireland, he had a partnership on a Dutch dairy farm, and we lived on that dairy farm for years. I helped him as much as I could in my spare time, because I love being among the cows. Here in Ireland he is a farm manager on a large dairy farm and I and our children try to go to his farm as much as possible. And our eldest is just like his father, he already love cows and tractors.

My husbands work and this experience give me a unique insight into the challenges and opportunities of running a dairy farm in Ireland.
Now I combine my passion for recruitment and love for dairy farming with my knowledge of Irish legislation and Irish dairy farming. That makes me the ideal partner in your search for good personnel for your company.

This is what you can expect

Impression of the candidate

You get a clear impression of the candidate.

You get a clear profile that shows you what to expect from the candidate I introduce to you. The work experience of the candidates has been properly vetted. And it is always includes a good reference, because I do not mediate any candidate without a good reference.

Leveraging our network

Your job posting on this site

Dairy Farm Recruitment offers you the opportunity to post your vacancy on this site, making use of our network. This allows you to reach the right candidates easily and effectively.

For this purpose, we will write a catchy, Google-friendly job posting for you.

Practical support

Administrative work

I provide some practical support. This includes things such as:

  • Requesting the PPSN;
  • Registration with Revenue authorities;
  • Communication & coordination with the candidate.

Do you want me to help you?

I am happy to assist you in finding a good employee for your dairy farm!